The mix is pasteurised by heating to render it substantially free from pathogenic bacteria.Pasteurisation is also said to ensure that all the mix is brought into the solution, that the production of a more uniform product results, and that the water binding effect of the milk proteins is increased. Pasteurisation is achieved either by holding the mix at 150°F for at least 30 minutes, at 160°F for at least 10 minutes, at 176°F (80°C)for one second or by any method which satisfies the Ice Cream (Heat Treatment, etc) regulations, 1959. In batch pasteurisation, the mix is agitated while heated and the vessel is kept covered during the process. It is also possible to effect pasteurisation continuously, often incorporating a device which automatically re-circulates the mix if pasteurising conditions have not been met. Cooked flavours can result if the temperature exceeds 176°F for more than 20 seconds.

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