Michael Winner and Director Alan Ayckbourn used the Harbour Bar for scenes in their 1989 adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn's 1984 play about a small town amateur theatre company

The Harbour Bar made an appearance in this TV drama series when in 2004 the famous duo were investigating the murder of a girl at a holiday resort

This long-running soap made a visit to the Harbour Bar when they came up to Scarborough in 1997.

Rik Mayall visits the Harbour Bar playing a batchelor who is left on a train on the eve of his wedding as a joke by his fellow batchelors.

John Craven and his team came to vist in 2007 as part of Countryfile's investigation into how seaside towns are reinventing themselves, see the video on line at: http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/.

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