Richard Wilson (One Foot In The Grave) is in Scarborough filming for new BBC series, "Britain’s Best Drives".

The documentary follows Richard as he drives six 1950s era cars around the six best leisure routes of that period, using only fifties guide books and maps. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first motorway being built the programme takes a look at Britain before these highways changed the face of our country forever. The final routes won’t be revealed until the series is broadcast early next year, but Richard is seen here interviewing Victor Middleton, Tourism Expert at Alonzi’s Harbour Bar, an ice cream parlour with a distinct 1950s look, as well as parked up in his 1950s Morris Traveller, down on the seafront. - Jonney Steven (Producer, Britain’s Best Drives)

DSC00794.jpgDSC00783.jpgDSC00772.jpgDSC00822.jpgDSC00758.jpgDSC00739.jpgRichard Wilson and Victor Middleton, Tourism Expert.

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