Over the years the Harbour Bar has been in both the Local and National Press on a number of occasions. Here is a small selection of some of the more memorable articles...


On the 9th June 2013 Chris Haslam from The Sunday Times lists the Harbour Bar as the first of his Perfect Ice Cream Parlours.

August '06 

The Independent on Sunday's Helen Davies includes the Harbour Bar in her list of the world's coolest ice cream parlours.

October '06

The BMW 1 Series Good Food Ride recommends the Harbour Bar as the best Ice Cream Parlour in the UK.

July '05

The Harbour Bar features in Harry Pearson's report on how it is often the holidays we take closer to home that are most fondly remembered.

July '07

The Guardian featured the Harbour Bar among its top 10 ice cream parlours, here's a quote...

"Unaltered since it opened in 1945, Giulian Alonzi's Harbour Bar is a visual and sensory delight that people make a beeline for from far and wide. Sitting in a plush booth or a high stool at the counter, you will feel a world away from the Scarborough seafront. The Alonzis make their ice cream from the finest natural ingredients, avoiding gelatine by using Scottish seaweed instead."

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